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Default Re: Foreign players in the NBA draft

Originally Posted by Hammertime
What if a player doesn't make himself eligible? When you're 22, you're eligible for the draft one way or another? You can get drafted very much against your will. What then?

this goes along with my first point. it should be your choice to go into the draft. you shouldnt be drafted against your will. but if you are in the draft then you should be 100% committed, and you should understand the consequences that you could go to a crappy team.

And a college player can also choose to play in Europe instead of the NBA. Being drafted does not automatically make him an NBA player. Hell, Jennings could get drafted, decide he doesn't like the situation, and simply activate his player option with Lottomatica for another year, forcing a buyout eventually.

And again, NBA isn't the be-all and end-all.

i understand that its a win-win for the player because if he decides if he doesnt like the situation he can always get out.

but iam looking at this from the franchises point of view. its not fair for the franchise to select this player, then have the player decide he doesnt want to be there and bail on them. i understand you still own his rights, and it can be used as trade bait but you still lose out on a young player who could potentially help your team. i dont think draft eligible players should be able to hold the franchise hostage by saying its my way or else...especially if they are foreign rookies.
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