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Default Re: Foreign players in the NBA draft

Originally Posted by Lakas Fan Yo
The foreign players don't have a say in it. Once you are in your age 22 year you can be drafted even if you ask not to be. Even if you state you do not want to be drafted. Every year there is some European player drafted that specifically asked teams not to draft them.

The NBA doesn't even consider the players to have any say or right in it.

see this is moronic. why would you make a player eligible if they have no intention of coming over. problem #1. this rule needs to be changed.

i guess now i can understand rubio's issue. my understanding was that he himself entered the draft, then decided that if memphis chooses him then he will remain overseas. i was not aware that foreign players are entered into the draft regardless of if they intend to go to the NBA or not. stupid stupid rule.
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