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Default Re: Posterize's Pro Prospects

Originally Posted by Posterize246

Austin Daye, F, Gonzaga

One of the players in the draft who I don't really expect to live up to a lot of the hype he's been given. Tested extremely poor in the predraft measurements. Was only 192 lbs despite his 6'10 frame, weighing even less than PG's Jonny Flynn and Ty Lawson. Showed off an extremely poor max vert (28.0 inches), was unable to bench 185 lbs even one time, finished 2nd to Jordan Hill in the agility drill, and dead last in the court sprint.

Has a VERY soft touch for a guy so tall. Maybe on of the best mid-range jumpers in the draft and definitely the best shooter 6'10 or taller. Great catch and shoot guy from 15-18 feet. Daye also has a very nice touch around the bucket but will need to take it up much strronger to finish in the NBA. He's capable of taking bigger defenders off the dribble with his quickness and could present some matchup problems. I've read before that he played guard when he was younger until receiving a late growth spurt so that's where most of his skills come from. Could be a dangerous pick n' pop player, similar to how Glen Davis plays (minus about 100 lbs).

One of his best skills is using his length to block shots without committing a foul. Most of his blocks come from guarding his man instead of from the weak side as he uses his arm length to time his opponent's jumpshot perfectly. I'm afraid that Daye is going to add a ton of weight to get on the floor. He doesn't possess the lateral quickness to defend smaller guys, and will get bullied by bigger PF/C in the league. He also seems to lack any sort of aggressiveness and seems content with just fitting in. Sometimes it led to me forgetting he was even on the floor. If he's not shooting or blocking a shot, he doesn't seem to be doing much of anything. He also lacks much of a post game for being so tall.

Overall he's a guy I'd like to give some time. I hope that he doesn't turn into the next Jared Jeffries. It's hard to give him a comparison right now because I think his body is far from what it will progress to over the next couple years. With added weight he could be a taller David West. I doubt we'll see much of Daye in his rookie season as there will be an emphasis put on his body and weight lifting. In a couple years he may look like a different guy.

Best Case Scenario: Atlanta (19), Utah (20), Dallas (22)

AGREED!....he has bust written all over him.....he is a clone of Dallas PF Ryan Hollins with a 3 point shot....who agrees?
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