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Default Re: 2009 NBA Mock Draft - 1st Round

first off Chase Budinger would have went to the lottery last yr..and maynor to play SG will have to improve his D..if J hill is already better then chris wilcox then think would he could potentially b

steph curry as chad ford reported was ranked 2nd among PGs among 7 gms..1st for 1 and 3rd for the rest..the fact James Harden doesnt have glaring athleticism will make him drop..and for the 76ers like i said AI can go to the 2 and whether if T.Y starts or not ur gonna need either a back up SF or a staring and i have the t-wolves gettin steph who is a far better PG

and dude if u didnt jus read the team and the pick instead of my reasoning maybe you woulda saw i said "He can either fill in at the two, or play back up point guard with his combo guard abilities" what r u sayin..the jazz back up PG is KNight who f$% blows.

brandon jennings maybe too small and did not impress in euro..i know he is young but that will hurt his stock
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