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Default Re: Poor Blake Griffin

How many of you even watch the Clippers and not just base everything on reputation or what the media spews? Dumbleavy is definitely a problem, but he's on thin ice to produce results this year or else get axed. Kaman and/or Z-Bo will get traded to make room for Blake. There's also the MLE to sign a good player for depth. You look at the Clips starting lineup:

PG - Baron
SG - Gordon
SF - Thornton
PF - Griffin
C - Camby

With young talents such as Mike Taylor and DeAndre Jordan on the bench, this team has the talent to go places. With the proper coaching, they'll be there. Had the Kings or Grizzlies won the lottery, some think that'd be a "better" situation for him? Really? I don't see how either of those rosters are better than this current Clipper roster, but of course you can relive the King's Bibby/Webber/Vlade or Grizz' Gasol/Miller/JWill years to make yourself feel better. What about the Wizards? You wanna talk about logjam? Griffin wouldn't even touch the ball with their top 3 scorers avg. 70pts per game.

This is a blatant case of the Clippers' reputation preceding itself. Anybody who has followed the team this decade could see the culture of the franchise has changed for the better.

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