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Default Your opinion, keep Amar'e or trade him?

Whats your opinion? Should Suns keep him or trade him?

I say we keep him and go for 1 last run. I know, Nash, Hill, Shaq, they're all older and reaching retirement home age, but I believe that despite their age, they have more experience. If only my boy Amar'e fulfilled his promise and stepped up defensively, I certainly believe they could get far. I think people seem to forget what type of player Amar'e is and how talented our team really is. Our front line has it in them to play like they're the best players in the NBA, it's all about the desire and it begins with Amar'e. 2nd option? Screw that, Amar'e and Nash can both be the 1st option. Whatever that douche Steve Kerr decides to do, I hope it at least gets us to playoffs next year. As for Amar'e, if he gets traded I certainly hope he is happy where he goes and that he can succeed.
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