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Default Re: Russell Westbrook-Biggest Draft Bust

Originally Posted by Basketball_Guru
is this thread a joke? surely his FG % and 3-pt % is low as well as if turnovers are high
Yeah thats definetly a problem, espescially for a PG.
Espescially a PG who shot less than 40% from the Field for 4 months, has no outside shot at all, and averaged 3.3 Turnovers to 5.4 APG.
Horrible numbers that can't be justified, anybody who says Westbrook had a good rookie season is an idiot and only looks at PPG, APG, RPG to determine a players talent.

but lemme see..

15.3 PPG -- 4.9 APG -- 5.3 RPG

and he is gonna be a bust?

o wait..he is only a rookie who only played 1 yr in college..
Westbrook played 2 years at UCLA.

so he is only 2 yrs removed from high school putting up his numbers..he may be undersize but he can play point and can play..hes a bust..their were 60 draft picks last year..idk how many of them put these numbers but a select few..(Rose..MAyo.Beasely..few others)

come on now..r u serious?
Russell Westbrook cant play PG, I dont think you realize how stupid you sound trying to make that claim.

Did you even watch him play?

This guy is definetly an athlete, but all of his baskets came off of dunks or layups.
Once again hes a tremendous athlete, in OKC's system he sometimes grabs boards brings the ball up the court at full speed and either dunks or draws a foul while 1/2 of the time he turns the ball over.

His numbers are exaggerated due to the lack of talent on the Thunder, nobody else on that team could average more than 10 PPG even with the lack of options they had and this allowed Westbrook to get more opportunities to take shots.
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