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Default Re: Your opinion, keep Amar'e or trade him?

No love for Amar'e? lol
I do agree though, we can't let him opt out when we can at least trade him and get something good in return. If we were to get the #5 pick I say we pick Jordan Hill, lengthy PF that is compared to Chris Bosh. He would be a perfect replacement for Amar'e since they both play a like and both are very athletic. With our #14 pick we can try to trade down or something so we can pick a good PG. Jennings imo is going to slip, he might be like Brook Lopez and slip to like 10, maybe even the low teens(would be a awesome if he slipped into 14, doubt it though). Anyways, if we do end up trading Amar'e, we'd better get some real young talent. I expect to get a low pick like thygreatone suggested, #5 pick would be awesome.
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