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Originally Posted by Younggrease
You are not getting the point. I never said dissent is "key" to democracy. I said it is "important". There is a difference. You are turning this into a big argument while putting words in my mouth. look at my post,

Im not going to argue with you over each individual point right now because im busy, but since poly sci is one of my majors i wouldnt mind maybe doing it later. But the reason you are wrong is because you dont understand the difference between the 2 words used. You are putting words in my mouth.

don't bandy semantics. in the real world, people would be careful to choose their words more properly. it's all about PR my friend.

anyway, i didnt mean to ambush you all of a sudden. sorry dude. it's just a lot of people on my campus complain incessantly and they sacrifice their jobs, their grades, and their futures to follow some foolish crusade which will never come to pass.

and I don't mean to imply you are one of those.

anyway, I think Colbert is pretty brave for saying that stuff.
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