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Default Re: What good is Ricky Rubio if he has no shot

Originally Posted by KG5MVP
The only reason white people survive in the NBA is because they can shoot, Bird, Nash, Nowitzki, Kerr, Kapono..... If Ricky only has average shooting, how can he survive in the NBA? I just don't see what specialty he has.

It can be fixed. Jose Calderon had a horrendous shot his first year in the league, but he rebuilt it, and is now one of the better shooters in the game.

05-06: 42% FG
06-07: 52% FG
07-08: 51% FG

There was a story on ESPN last year about Calderon rebuilding his shot:

""His secret?

A big old rubber band.

In discussing Calderon's shooting prowess beforehand, Triano explained how the Raptors were so frustrated three years ago by Calderon's poor shooting stroke -- his flaw was that he was flaring his right elbow out -- that one day Triano, then an assistant to Sam Mitchell, grabbed a long rubber band that players use for leg stretching exercises, attached it to Calderon's forearms just below the elbow and told him to try shooting that way, which kept Calderon's elbow tucked at his side.

The trick was so successful, Calderon used it over the summer when working on his shot (he said he also would position himself one inch from a wall on his right side and practice that way, knowing that if he flared his elbow out he'd scrape it against a cinder block surface).

"It was to help concentrate, but you could not do more than 10 shots in a row with the rubber band because it hurt too much," Calderon said. "But I'd keep shooting without the band, and I'd keep shooting the same way.""
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