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Default Re: Russell Westbrook-Biggest Draft Bust

Originally Posted by Interminator

You just proved my point, there were only 3 real scoring options on that Thunder team last year.
Westbrook was the only PG/SG with an actual interest in scoring, yet he did it inefficiently.

He didnt average 18/5/5.

He averaged 13/5/5 on a high uptempo team which allows him to grab more boards than usual for his position, while only averaging 5 APG as a full time PG compared to 3+ Turnovers while shooting a low FG%.

Tony Parker is not a good comparison at all, Tony Parker doesnt rely on his athleticism the way Westbrook does, statistically at the same point Parker was a better passer, and Parker was drafted #28 not #4 like Westbrook was.

You know another PG who couldn't shoot as a rookie?

Marcus Banks
Sebastian Telfair
Antonio Daniels

We'll see if Westbrook develops a jumper over time.

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