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Default Re: Brandon Jennings

I've seen nowhere near enough of him to say he'll be anything more than a very exciting player who'll put a few butts in seats. No clue if he'll be a capable starting 1. But his career development is going to be one of the more interesting storylines over the next few seasons for me. If he'd been eligible at Zona his stock'd be much higher, not just because of the much easier access to his game for scouts and the average fan, but because the talent level of the competition is DRASTICALLY lower.

I can't decide if I like his cockiness or not. How many coddled high school kids can you expect to play in a high quality pro league, with spotty minutes, playing out of position (from what I've been told)? Remember Saras's NBA experiment, at what, 28 years old? Imagine trying the same thing a decade younger.
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