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Default Re: Official Washington Wizards Offseason Thread

In order...
Amare Stoudemire
Kirk Hinrich
Jason Richardson
Jordan Hill
Mike Miller
Raymond Felton
Richard Jefferson

Also, I'd like to see us somehow snag one of Golden State's half dozen sniper-tastic shooting guards on the cheap. Morrow, Bellineli, Azbubuike, etc. are all great players on cheap contracts, and I think that we reeeeally need a shooter to come off the bench and play the Eddie House/Roger Mason Jr. role. Not mention that most of those guys are solid ball-handlers who could spell Gilbert when he inevitably misses 10+ games.

By the way, in case the trend in my list isn't too obvious, I think that we need to do some combination of these three things: add an above average shooting guard, upgrade one of the big three (Jamison would be the easiest to deal), and add toughness and rebounding.
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