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Originally Posted by Kebab Stall
I can't believe how far Monroe fell in this year's mock drafts before he decided to go back. And now, DX even have Monroe down at around 10th or so in next year's draft, well, last time I checked anyway.

If he is not top 3 next year, I will be surprised. He should have been a top 5 pick this year, but may have taken a few years to develop in the NBA. Another year in college will definitly help his game.

The guy is just so impressive and has a hell of a lot upside. The potential he has is like no other. The fact he can play far out, hit a few long shots and even create for his teammates, makes him a far better player.

Similar to Duncan, in the sense, that he plays with his head, he's an intelligent player, isn't the most athletic guy and can create for his teammates. If he can be even half the player of Duncan, he'll be an excellent player.

I'll say again, Monroe needs 4 years at Georgetown.

He needs to find his ideal position next season, and continue on with his development from there.

He has a chance to become the next great Georgetown big man.
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