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Default Re: How tall are you guys?

6'4 and 205~ yeah like the guy above me I usually end up playing center haha.

I suck pretty bad though, if I was any shorter I wouldn't have a chance at really doing anything, my handles are terrible, pretty much all I can do is hit jumpshots and wide open layups. I could dunk for a little while (usually the ball would fall out of my weak hands) but I got kind of bored with working out and lost a few inches on my vertical.

Defensively and with rebounding and passing I'm good though. My instincts are good, like I know what would be GOOD to do in a situation I just usually am incapable of doing anything other than wide open layups and jumpshots. So yeah with the almost complete lack of skills that I have height is very very important for me because big parts of my "game" are rebounding and defense.

With all of that said, I'm way better than anybody I play with ( computer nerds ) once in a while somebody that's actually good will come and beat us pretty bad with actual dribbles, that's always pretty fun! My athleticism and height are really wasted on me, I apologize to any short ballers for wasting my body type
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