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Default Re: Petrius Guarding Kobe = Not A Good Idea

Originally Posted by Fatal9
Bryant has historically only struggled against taller/long defenders like Prince, Posey etc.

Putting Starks, Payton, Dumars on him would be suicide.
Putting prince, Posey,Bowen,artest, piece, and marion on Mj is suicide. They just can't keep up with his speed. Mj already schooled Posey,piece,marion and Artest when he was 39/40 with sergery ridden knees. lol Is this a joke?? Also Mj doesn't struggle against Dumars,payton, and starks. He avged 40 on Dumars like in every game. Also fatal here is a Bruce Bowen quote on who the toughest he had to guard. "Michael Jordan. He really had an infectious personality with his teammates. He gave guys courage when they wouldn't have had it. Kind of like Kobe and his will right now." LOL Try again

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