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Default Re: Petrius Guarding Kobe = Not A Good Idea

Originally Posted by DonDadda59
Pietrus guarding anyone is a bad idea. For w/e reason this guy earned a rep as a solid defender while Lebron was dropping 40/8/8 on his head, many times in 1-on-1 situations at the top of the key. This guys has horrible footwork, poor positioning, bites on every pump fake, and just lacks any sort of intensity.
I found that fascinating, as well. Somehow, Pietrus was getting a rep as a semi-LeBron stopper when James was pretty much destroying him every time he was matched up one-one-one. The fourth quarter of Game 5 of the ECF was one of the most embarrassing ownages I have seen. LeBron was waving off screens, posting up Pietrus 25-feet from the basket, and killing him on every possession.

Pietrus did, however, have a huge impact on the other side of the floor. He has been virtually non-existent offensively in this series and the guy looks flatout scared to me.
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