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Default Re: Official Washington Wizards Offseason Thread

Man we need to find a way to trade up and somehow snag Hasheem...he would be so valuable to our team it's not even funny. The biggest lack in our team is toughness. We need to grow some balls and add some rebounders and some bangers and, as much as this hurts, we may have to move Jamison and maybe get someone like Stoudemire. Combine Jamison with some filler and a draft pick or something and get a line up of


I don't know, if we can't move up a little to get Hasheem, we should still try and get Amare. Plus, Flip Saunders is going to help this team out a lot. I'm sure of it. I'm really looking forward to see if we can somehow get another guard to start at the 2 besides a lockdown defender type of guy. We also could use a shooter...i'm just saying if we make the right moves this offseason don't be surprised when we're up there with the cavs and celtics.
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