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Default Re: Memphis trade proposal

No one is telling this truth at this point. I would wait and see. It's not a cheap price for sure and it's not a gimme trade. But you have to look at the long term with a rebuilding team and at who might be available. Kings are not a team that needs to add another piece - they need to add a difference maker.

Another option for the Kings would be to simply take Harden if he's available. He reminds people of Brandon Roy and that's probably not an unfair comparison. Martin has had some injury issues, but all things considered, his contract is relatively reasonable when he's healthy and he's still young. Kings could take Harden to be their SG of the future if they view him as a difference maker and obtain a nice little package in exchange for Martin.

The benefit of being a bad team is that you can do a lot of creative things without the fear of ruining a good thing. Kings have some very nice young pieces. Now the key is to figure out what pieces fit together and how, keeping some, and maximizing the return on others.

The way I see it, Rubio is projected to be a difference maker at PG in a few years. He's already a very good defender and has excellent size at the point. He would mesh well with Martin in the back court as he excels in getting his teammates open shots and defense, but is not a very good shooter. He'll take time - he's only 18.

Thompson is a very nice young player. He shows a lot of promise. But he also looks like a finnesse player who will never be an elite defender or post scorer. Hawes seems like the same type of player at C. It's much more difficult to get a true C versus a true PF and long term, could a team be a contender with two big guys who aren't adept at being bruisers at either end of the court? IF the answer is no, then you look to move Thompson while his value is very high and get a true difference maker. The price as reported seems steep, especially considering Memphis appears apprehensive and not sold on Thabeet and isn't a great fit for Rubio. So it's who can make them a best offer scenario.

Memphis could for example toss in Darrell Arthur and a top 10 protected first round pick for the future. They could agree to eat Kenny Thomas's contract, allowing Sacramento some maneuvrability in the free agent market.

Or Sacramento might think that Rubio isn't worth it to begin with, not rate him all that high, and take Harden or Evans and be right. It's a tough draft to call after Griffin.
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