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Default Re: Derrick Rose Gang Bangs

Originally Posted by Samurai Swoosh
This doesn't mean Rose is a damn G.D.

He grew up in a neighborhood where the G.D.'s originate from ... and I'm sure he knows many people who are G.D.s He could just be fooling around in the photo with a bunch of people he knows. Doesn't mean he's an actual banger. Also, I wouldn't be suprised if G.D.s had watched the back of their neighborhood sports star while he was growing up, making sure no one ****ed with him.

I'm not going to jump to conclusions off this picture.

So what.

If you know how the gang mentality is, he's guilty by association.... PERIOD.

If I grow up around El Segundo I'm automatically associated with them by authorities and other gang members.

I can have a brief encounter with them (since they're my neighbors) but that'll be translated as being one of them, no matter what my say is in the matter.

I really hope that was an old pic and I really hope he disassociates himself from many of those that can bring him down.

There is NO reason to be around those elements.......NONE.

If they really care about him, then they'd understand and stay out of his life for his sake. If they continue to be around him, then they should abandon all of that life and not get him involved whatsoever.
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