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Default Re: Derrick Rose Gang Bangs

Originally Posted by John Smith
Don't shoot the messenger Samurai Brick. The Chicago Tribune wrote it, not me!
They also didn't come out and label him a banger. It's a shocking picture, no doubt. But we have no context of what is actually going on with it.

Dude, when I lived near the west side of Chicago and went to play pick up in predominately bad neighborhoods. I made friends with people who were G.D.s, Latin Kings, Vicelords, etc. I was FRIENDS with them. And I would throw up their signs as a joke, and they'd laugh and be cool with it.

If someone took a snap shot of me throwing up a sign, would I officially be a member?

Like I said, there is no doubt in my mind he has affiliations, friends or knows "folks" who are bangers ... that doesn't make him a banger. Nor does it mean he takes part int hat lifestyle.
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