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Default Re: Denver Nuggets Draft

Originally Posted by Mile High Crew
What do you guys think about a package deal that could possibly send Nene out of town get a deal with a team for a Center and draft pick (maybe a point guard?)

I mean I was reading an article from which talked about the idea of letting Nene go.

Here's the link:

What do y'all think about the article?
(runningdonut you can add more if you want, since you already commented there already.)
Majority of those trade ideas involve us shipping Nene away, which likely won't happen considering how well he played this season. Also, if the Nuggets are looking at another big, I'd prefer they go after someone like Kaman, who although is injury prone, is still young and very productive when he's out on the court as stated. Also, the article doesn't mention David Lee, whom the Knicks are "supposedly" shopping.
An NBA executive said Knicks president Donnie Walsh is trying to work out a sign-and-trade for forward-center David Lee in a cost-cutting move.

Would love having a young stud(double-double machine) who can give you 16/12, on a nightly basis and is only getting better too. *wishes*
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