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Default Re: June 11: Lakers @ Magic, Game 4 (NBA Finals)

Originally Posted by OldSchoolBBall
This game was a travesty. Howard sucks, and I knew he would blow both of them at the line at the end of regulation. I also knew LA would tie it and win in OT. It was just fated to be that way. Ridiculous.

Kobe had a very poor shooting night, but more than that, I felt he made several VERY bad decisions. Like, taking long, contested shots with 18+ seconds left on the shotclock and no rebounders underneath. One play in particular, in semi-transition when LA was making a run, was just perplexing for that reason. Felt he was trying to prove too much in the 4th and got carried away.

Magic choked this game away, even though Fisher and Ariza were HUGE in the second half (Ariza had like 13 points in the first 7 minutes of the 3rd to cut the lead, and of course Fish's shots at the end of regulation and OT.

Kobe's elbow to Nelson's face wasn't intentional, but I have no idea how that isn't called. You can't just elbow somebody in the face and get away with it. Oh, wait, that's right -- you can if your name is Kobe (see: Mike Bibby). That's the only reason Fish was uncontested for that 3. Nelson would have been running at him, but at least it would've been challenged. Terrible.

Kobe was trying to pass the ball to Fisher, knowing Nelson was going to double him, too bad Nelson had to run into his elbow, it wasn't called because it wasn't intentional and it was somewhat Nelson's fault for sticking his face there.
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