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Default Re: Russell Westbrook-Biggest Draft Bust

Originally Posted by Posterize246
Did this idiot just compare Westbrook to Tony Parker and Dwyane Wade? Good thing I deleted his mock draft from this forum twice. That **** was trash.

no..your the idot..u see the numbers..and yead dwade def started at the point with west brook comin off the bench..yall two are the only re-re's sayin westbrook is "over-rated"..and all u can say is that because he has a bad shootin % and a high TO mark..his 13/5/5 (AS A ROOKIE) goes for nothing..oh yeah he is also gettin that as the 3rd option on the team..ur gonna blame him he plays for the OKC Thunder? then u dont know anything bro..

why cant i compare him to tony parker? u said all RW does is rely on his athleticism..well HOW DO U THINK TONY PARKER SCORED?? he used his athleticism and quickness to get to the rim..Tony parker still has no long range shot..and only a couple years ago did he begin to develop his jumpshot..he couldnt shoot to save his life in his 1st yr at San antonio..

u deleted my mock draft Posterize cuz your a loser..and a hater..but lemme guess..because it doesnt comply with your mock draft then its completely wrong..u and ur knowledge of bball is a joke..along with that interminator dude..or whatever your name guys are jokes when it comes to discussin n all my friends couldnt stop laughin when we saw ur post on here "trying" to explain why RW is "a bust" and how u Posterize kept deletin my mock draft..u guys make my day.. losers
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