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Default Re: We need to sign a role player like jason collins

Role Players

20 Ryan Anderson F 6-10 240 05/06/1988 California R
2 Josh Boone C 6-10 237 11/21/1984 Connecticut 2

44 Trenton Hassell F 6-5 233 03/04/1979 Austin Peay 7
22 Jarvis Hayes F 6-8 228 08/09/1981 Georgia 5

14 Eduardo Najera F 6-8 235 07/11/1976 Oklahoma 8
21 Bobby Simmons F 6-6 230 06/02/1980 DePaul 6

Najera should be that dude

We need another Star and a gorilla
We need to pick up Amare Stoudemire and Earl Clark, or Boozer to go along with Lopez. If not them, then someone like Travis Outlaw or Trevor Ariza. Also ill take Jamaal Tinsley off the hands of the pacers as a 3rd option at PG. I would also look at a player like Brandon Bass. Maybe check out Nachbar and resign him or something.

Your'e an instant contender with a lineup like this:

Ariza/Outlaw/Clark (one of those guys)
Stoudemire or Boozer

Forget a contender, you're an Eastern Confernce Champ witta squad like this

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