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Default Re: Russell Westbrook-Biggest Draft Bust

Originally Posted by Basketball_Guru
no..your the idot..u see the numbers..and yead dwade def started at the point with west brook comin off the bench..yall two are the only re-re's sayin westbrook is "over-rated"..and all u can say is that because he has a bad shootin % and a high TO mark..his 13/5/5 (AS A ROOKIE) goes for nothing..oh yeah he is also gettin that as the 3rd option on the team..ur gonna blame him he plays for the OKC Thunder? then u dont know anything bro..

why cant i compare him to tony parker? u said all RW does is rely on his athleticism..well HOW DO U THINK TONY PARKER SCORED?? he used his athleticism and quickness to get to the rim..Tony parker still has no long range shot..and only a couple years ago did he begin to develop his jumpshot..he couldnt shoot to save his life in his 1st yr at San antonio..

u deleted my mock draft Posterize cuz your a loser..and a hater..but lemme guess..because it doesnt comply with your mock draft then its completely wrong..u and ur knowledge of bball is a joke..along with that interminator dude..or whatever your name guys are jokes when it comes to discussin n all my friends couldnt stop laughin when we saw ur post on here "trying" to explain why RW is "a bust" and how u Posterize kept deletin my mock draft..u guys make my day.. losers

No he deleted your mock draft because it was silly. From team needs, to breaking down actual teams, players down to the prospects. You were more wrong, off and at times simply ridiculous. I wasnt the only one who questioned your mock. Many others did constantly CORRECTING your errors that you were ignorant too and very stubborn to change. Posterize doesnt just go around deleting threads, posts without good reason. You gave him very good reason. Nothing productive from your thread spawned and it was a result of your bad mock writeups.

For example you swear Willie Green is the starting SG. He's not. The only time he starts is due to injuries which last season the Sixers suffered with Brand going down. Linesups were shuffled depending on the matchups. But Andre Iguodala was the starting SG and still til this day is. You then expressed the Sixers team needs in rank order then had them TAKE a SF given the fact Thaddeus Young is there as well as Andre Iguodala who can move to SF when Thad hits the pine. Your reasoning? Sixers lack a backup SF so they draft one. Now you passed up on MANY SIXERS NEEDS YOU RANKED to fullfill a friggin backup SF? Thats makes zero sense. And the prospects that went after the Sixers fit not only were better talents but also filled needs. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone. But you instead stoned yourself to death.

Did you acknowledge any of the corrections? No, you continued your stubborness. The sad part is this was a problem with most of your teams you broke down in your mock. Just plain out wrong where fans of other teams entered the thread and cleaned up your mess. Only to have you come back and make a mess again.

Thus your thread was deleted...and for good reason.
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