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Default Re: Russell Westbrook-Biggest Draft Bust

no..your the idot..u see the numberA
So we compare players by their numbers now? Hedo Turkoglu and Al Thornton both score 16.8 ppg, they must be the same level as far as scoring goes huh? Idiot.

..and yead dwade def started at the point with west brook comin off the bench
Westbrook didn't come off of the bench.

yall two are the only re-re's sayin westbrook is "over-rated"..and all u can say is that because he has a bad shootin % and a high TO mark..his 13/5/5 (AS A ROOKIE) goes for nothing..oh yeah he is also gettin that as the 3rd option on the team..ur gonna blame him he plays for the OKC Thunder? then u dont know anything bro..
Find me 1 post where I said Westbrook was overrated. You can't.

why cant i compare him to tony parker? u said all RW does is rely on his athleticism..well HOW DO U THINK TONY PARKER SCORED?? he used his athleticism and quickness to get to the rim..Tony parker still has no long range shot..and only a couple years ago did he begin to develop his jumpshot..he couldnt shoot to save his life in his 1st yr at San antonio..
Maybe because they play completely different?

u deleted my mock draft Posterize cuz your a loser..and a hater..but lemme guess..because it doesnt comply with your mock draft then its completely wrong..u and ur knowledge of bball is a joke..along with that interminator dude..or whatever your name guys are jokes when it comes to discussin basketball
I'm looking at it right now since I can do that. You got flamed by 2 76ers fans, a New Jersey fan, a Wizards fan, a Raptors fan, and a Clippers fan aand didn't receive 1 good comment on it. It sucked. **** it you even posted a Stephen Curry highlight reel for Earl Clark. You had Chase Budinger going lottery and couldn't even take the time to spell his name correctly. You had Wayne Ellington going lottery and he'll be lucky to even be in the first round. You had the 76ers draft James Johnson when their current problem is that they have 2 starting small forward's with no point guard. Ed Stefanski has even expressed in the newspapers they're going after the best guard available. Jrue Holiday, Jonny Flynn, Jeff Teague, and Eric Maynor were all available in your mock, yet you take a small forward.

me n all my friends couldnt stop laughin when we saw ur post on here "trying" to explain why RW is "a bust" and how u Posterize kept deletin my mock draft..u guys make my day.. losers

Funny, all the posters on here were laughing when they saw your mock. Coincidence?
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