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Default Re: Russell Westbrook-Biggest Draft Bust

1 i meant to say Alston came off the bench couse of course RW and DW didnt play together..
Then proofread.

and then ur compare hedo and al thorton which now "MORE" than proves your a complete retard..we are comparing rookie years stupid..not RW's rookie year to dwade Now..WE ARE COMPARING ROOKIE YEARS..of course..hedo is better now but al thorton was 50 times better than hedo at their 1st couple seasons in the league (not sayin RW is that 2 dwade..but they have alot of similarities in statistics and style of play)
You're comparing the stats of those players. I'm comparing Hedo and Thornton at their respective ages right now. And by your logic (which is only looking up stats) they are the same as far as scoring goes right now in their careers.

I was talkin to both you and Interminator so that was his referral to RW being no i wont go search 4 that..
You quoted a post I made.

d so because i got so called "flamed" by 7 people "who supposingly know all about bball and the draft" that my mock draft was wack...right..
It was more than wack. It was the worst mock draft I've ever seen in my life. No exaggeration.

and because i accidently put a video of Steph 4 Earl who happened to be right under neath steph so mistakes do happen..but noticed how nobody else even put videos on their mock drafts..but because of an accidental video error in 1! of my draft is trash... (no)
Like I said, proofread your ****. And because you put videos in your mock and others didn't that makes yours special? Anybody can type into a search box on youtube.

and because i accidently added an extra d to Chase Buding()er my mock draft is trash..and last year before he decided to return he was lottery material last year and maybe the year before that.
im not the only one ( =us)
You just posted a link from over a year ago

he has a very similar game and body type to that of Joe Alexander who got drafted in the lottery at idk what ur talkin about..their are mixed results about Ellington and some people have him ranked high some have him low..he is a athletic..good nba sized..and a adequete shooter who could be a good thats how my WHOle mock draft is trash.... (no..)
I'd like to see who has him ranked ANYWHERE near 12th in the draft. He's not that athletic and he's undersized. Why do you keep lying to try to prove something?

and then u talk about the 76ers..u say Phily as 1 SF with no PG..well last time i checked Andre Miller avg 16.3/7ast/5reb..those are all star numbers..i understand he is gettin and they will soon need a replacement..but with this team in a win now mode..IN MY OPINION james johnson is the more nba ready player..for 1..u say they have 2 SF's but i see it as AI plays the 2 wit T.Y playin the 3..that gives u Louie WIlliams to play the back up 1..with willie green to play the back up 2..and now theirs no depth to play the back up 3..theirs my reasoning..but since you claim "Philly has no point guard" (which is far from the smartest thing ive heard all day) then mock draft is wrong.. (no)
Andre Miller is not currently a member of the 76ers. This whole text is void.

see i dont give 2 ****'s about what Ed-who cares says..its MY MOCK DRAFT..and ima put what i think is in my best opinion..this is website like i told GOBB that is here to share basketball insights and opinions..if other people disagree with be it..but ur being a little girl and deleted in because your laughable my draft is trash..bro you a joke..

Your thread is a joke.

1 more thing,..u said in your "Posterize's Pro Prospect's (how corny ) u said "best fits for Steph Curry"..#6.. to Minnesota..where did I have him going? Minnesota..u said maynor is a 13-21 pick i had him going 21..u said one of flynns best fits is in atlanta..where did i have him? ATLANTA..among with almost all your other prospects which were also in my mock draft..your best fits were where i had them going but yet my draft is trash..bro yur a joke..
What does this have to do with anything? Just because Flynn fits in with Atlanta doesn't mean the Sixers are going to pass on him for mother ****ing James Johnson. The only good thing about those 3 things you just mentioned is Curry.

I'm done responding to you. If I see you post any more trash on here I'm just going to delete it because all I see it as is spam and a waste of space. If that website you mentioned gave it love then go back there and post some more. Bye.
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