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Default Re: 2009 NBA Mock Draft - 1st Round

Originally Posted by qrich
The Clippers biggest needs are PG, CE, PF?

Yeah, at PG we have Baron locked in for four more years. Mike Taylor seems to have a ton of upside and Mardy can be solid as a backup for another year until he needs an extension.

At CE, we have Kaman locked in for a while, a young DeAndre Jordan and expiring Marcus Camby.

PF, we have Z-Bo for two more years and still the rights of the Greek Shaq.

Marcus Camby's contract is going to end in 2009-2010, and with his age..I doubt the Clippers who are obviously trying to develop and rebuild, will not try to re-sign Camby, who is hurt all the time, and is now up their in age, along with the fact he is making about $10 mil a year, and as I said, their is no way Zach Randolph and Blake Griffen will be able to play together, because they are both starters, and as much as we all know the Clipper organization wants Blake to start, it will cost too much money to have Zach play off the bench, so he probaly will be traded.

Mardy Collins only avg 5.9 pts per game along with 2.6 ast per game so i doubt he is the point guard of the future, Baron Davis is 30 years old, and although he missed 17 games last year, their is a strong possiblity he could be injured for a mighty long time in each of those seasons, and Mike Taylor is a nice guard who posting some very good scoring games when Davis is hurt, but you dont know yet if Mardy Collins and Mike Taylor "can" be your future point guard so I said its one of the team needs to maybe get another PG, just because I put something as a team doesnt mean it's exactly vital they get that postion, it just means they could possibly use some depth at that position, or although they already have their starter for the next couple of can later on in the draft try to at least find an enventual replacement..

and Greek Shaq?... (i know who your talkin about..but..??)
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