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Default Re: 2009 NBA Mock Draft - 1st Round

Originally Posted by GOBB
How did you do this way before the combine when we replied on the same day?

Why is Mile taking a SG when PG is a position of interest considering Charlie Bell is nothing more than a backup and Ramon Sessions could flee via FA as Milw decides based on what Ramon gets offered his price is too much to bite?

I still am laughing my ass off at Flynn passing by the Sixers for a "SF" that isnt even a got damn need.

i didnt POST it until then, but i did it way before, i didnt even remember i had this account till when i posted cuz before then i wasnt on here..

I believe with the season Sessions had they would do everything in their power to resign him, and i thought Michael Redd has hit the 30 mark, and he just had a bad injury and now you have to consider with guys that age who's had those kinda of injuries, how long he can keep playing for the team.

And im sayin draft a back up SF when you all are sayin draft a back up or possibly a 3rd PG...whats the difference? oh yeah..the team NEEDS a back up PG..(or in my opinion a 3rd PG) over a back up SF so bad..
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