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Default Re: 2009 NBA Mock Draft - 1st Round

Originally Posted by GOBB
He is already the STARTING 2 GUARD!!!!!!!!

Thaddeus Young IS the starting SF. So you are drafting a SF because Sixers need a backup? Makes little to no sense. Iggy is the backup SF when Thad hits the bench and you bring in Lou or Willie.

Do your homework on the Sixers before spouting off.

And Thad Young better suited at the 4? Considering the Sixers drafted a PF last year while signing a high prized PF in Elton Brand? Yeah you make sense.

i never said T.y was better suited at the 4..cuz i know they 76ers have Speights who played good down the stretch last year..

you never know if injuries happen or foul trouble comes on some games, but Loi and Willie are guards, and James Johnson is a i know the recent trade for Jason Kapono will probaly go against this pick but ..say the 76ers want to get someone who is better comin off the bench then Willie green..who i love because he is also from detroit, we have played in the same gym (Callahan hall) but in realness, he isnt THAt good,

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