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Default Re: 2009 NBA Mock Draft - 1st Round

Originally Posted by drwax26
Ive been reading all the comments and for the dummies who keep saying T.Y. is the starting SF and AI is the SG u are stupid. AI and TY start off the game at the 3 and the 4 respectively and throughout the game they get interchanged between the 2 and 3/ 3 and 4 respectively.

Then where does Samuel Dalembert and Elton Brand play? Genius.

i never said T.y was better suited at the 4..cuz i know they 76ers have Speights who played good down the stretch last year..

you never know if injuries happen or foul trouble comes on some games, but Loi and Willie are guards, and James Johnson is a i know the recent trade for Jason Kapono will probaly go against this pick but ..say the 76ers want to get someone who is better comin off the bench then Willie green..who i love because he is also from detroit, we have played in the same gym (Callahan hall) but in realness, he isnt THAt good,

Lou Williams/Royal Ivey
Andre Iguodala/Willie Green
Thaddeus Young
Elton Brand/Marreese Speights
Samuel Dalembert/Jason Smith

This was before they aquired Jason Kapono. That IS the starting lineup. Of course that COULD CHANGE given injuries, players getting benched etc etc

Elton Brand got injured and it changed the lineup. Sixers had to adjust and at times used Thaddeus Young at PF because he is still developing his handles/range but also gives them a matchup problem DEPENDING on which team they face. Sixers have players who can play various positions. And yes if Thad Young was asked to play PF could he? Would he? I'm sure there could be game situations where he does. Again Sixers have guys who can play various positions which allows a coach during game to mix n match lineups that benefit the team (creating mismatches) or simply going with a new look if one isnt workin. Couple reasons for a Thad Young playing some PF. But make no mistake about it Andre Iguodala IS the starting SG, Thad starting SF and Willie is the BACKUP. It seems you and other bonehead fans are going off last seasons lineup given the injuries. Ridiculous.

James Johnson even without Kapono is not a NEED. Did the Sixers need a backup SF? Sure. But there were other needs that ranked higher than a backup SF. And there were other PROSPECTS that rank higher than James Johnson. Again the pick makes no sense. Face it.

And Willie is already on the bench. Sixers can still add depth at the guard position. In fact Ed Stefanski said that is the area they are lookin too. All the Sixers have worked out are guards and tomorrow morning guess what? More GUARDS are on thier way.

Yet you have them drafting a backup SF because at the time it was a hole on the depth chart. Again that is silly on your part. Why you cant see, acknowledge, accept everything I've schooled you on? I guess pride, stubborness would be the answers to this.

Notice not 1 Sixers fan is cosigning/defending your posts.

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