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Default Re: ISH Mock Draft - #6 Overall - Minnesota Timberwolves

Why are people so high on Holiday??

He's never played PG in his life, and he has never showed good dribbling or court vision skills, so why is he projected as a PG??

And for all this 'great defense' thing, at the end of the day he is 6'4 w/ an average wingspan.
He is probably an average athlete as far as the NBA goes to.

So, how is he rated so high?

Lets not forget that he only average 8 ppg on a medicore UCLA team.
While only shooting 30% from college 3-point line.

I understand that UCLA is a pretty slow paced team, but still.
How would he be a better PG prospect then Darren Collison??
It seemed like Collison did pretty much everything better then Holiday.
However Holiday is 6'4.

Holiday certaintly doesnt have as much upside as a guy like Teague either.

So my question, why is he rated so high??

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