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Default ISH Mock Draft - #7 Overall - GS Warriors

#1-Blake Griffin
#2-Ricky Rubio
#3-James Harden
#4-Brandon Jennings
#5-Hasheem Thabeet
#6-Tyreke Evans

I started it for Maniak since he was giving the other thread 20 more minutes and it passed up. Evans went #6. With the 7th pick I'm going to say Demar Derozan.

Trade rumors are floating for Jamal Crawford (who Nellie doesn't want), Corey Maggette, and Stephen Jackson. Bellinelli has had to fight to get on the floor and if I'm not mistaken was injured a lot this year. Anthony Morrow I believe is under a team option next season (I'm sure they'll pick that up if they already haven't) but who knows if he'll stick around past that deal. Teams will want his services. Azubuike is a steal for what he's getting paid. Warriors are young up front with Biedrins, Randolph, and Wright.


Jonny Flynn- 4
Demar Derozan- 2
Jrue Holiday- 2

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