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Default Re: Russell Westbrook-Biggest Draft Bust

Originally Posted by Interminator
Didnt retract my statement at all.

Wade is a much more superior scorer than Russell at this point, the only similarity between Westbrook & Wade is both are explosive athletes with an ability to finish at the basket.

What you're looking at in Russell is an undersized athletic 2 who could excel when off the ball in transition due to how quick he gets up the court, but he doesn't shoot efficiently although he can create his own shot unlike a lot of other PG's.

The problem is that the Thunder are attempting to mold him into a PG, thus playing the role of a facilitator rather than a finisher which is his strongest asset.

When you keep him from getting to the basket, you completely remove him from an offensive set because hes not good enough of a passer or has the PG vision to find his teammates when in half court without a high turnover margin.

Sounds to me in this you're comparing him to Randy Foye. Westbrook is at least an average point guard. He'll get better in time he might even start at the 2 and play alongside a good point and be an undersized 2 like Wade, or as I mentioned earlier Randy Foye. Just admit you made a mistake we all do it.
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