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Default How lucky are you?

This is a thread talking about how lucky we are and share what happened to us.

I'll start.

I call it 180 degrees from death.

This happened just last night. I was in the passenger seat when this happened. And for the recored, I didn't know the dumbass driver was drunk until after all of this happened. He was going roughly around 60 on a dirt road. He didn't see a curve in the road. I told his ass to slow the f*ck down and told him that a curve was coming up, he didn't listen to me. We slide off into the woods and the car rolled over roughley around 10 times. we took out 4 or 5 good sized trees. Luckly, the car landed back on the wheels. That's why I call it 180 degrees from death because if the car landed on the top, the roof would have caved in and I would have been dead or crippled. To be honest, I'd rather be dead than crippled. I walked out with whiplash a monkey bruise on my shoulder, a bruise on my knee a few cuts on my fingers and now with a new found biggest fear of car accidents. I went to bed and it was playin over and over and over in my dream. I had the lord on my side.

The car didn't belong to the driver. It was someone else's, which I thought he got permission to use, but in reality, the dude took it without asking. The car owner was at a convenient store. The driver ran his ass home, but I used my head, even though I was f*cked up because I was in major shock. I went straight to the owner as soon as possible and told him exactly what happened. Because of that, the owner has major newfound respect for me. As for the dumbass, he can go to hell for all I care.
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