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several stories,

When i was 3 I tried flushing myself down the toilet like it happens in the movies sometimes.
half my body went down the toilet and I was stuck with my waist in the hole and my head barely above the toilet. (i was only three dont laugh) My mom came in and shreaked and then I got spanked the **** out of me when they pulled me out.

Then when I was 2 years Old I got attacked by my pet cat because I kept poking its eyes and pulling its tail. I had to go to ER because my face was covered in blood.

My best story was when I sat in the back seat of a mini van. During a red light i decided to move to the middle row where ann the sudden a Car hits us at 55 MPH and totaled the hit ud from the back right after I decided to move to the middle...Had I stayed in the back...I wouldnt be typing this message..I would have been Dead or retarded. and just like clipps, I would rather be dead than retarded.
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