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I can only imagine Andrea reaction if the Hawks draft him.

Stern: With the 5th pick the Hawks take Andrea Bargnani.

Espn: Andrea is one of the best big man in the draft. He could be another Dirk.

NBA Fans: Great pick for the Hawks. Give them a talented Big Man.

Espn: How'd you feel now?

Andrea: I feel great to be drafted. I don't know much about the Hawks.

Espn: Will you play for them this year?

Andrea: Umm....sure I will.

Espn: What position........where did Andrea go?

Andrea: *flying back to Italy*


NBA Fans: What were the Hawks thinking of drafting Andrea?

Espn: Typical Hawks

Vitale: Why take this kid when the rumors going around about only playing for the Raptors?

NBA Fans: Hawks should have known he may go back overseas to play.

Espn: This is why the Hawks are the Hawks.

Hawks: Didn't you guys just say it was a great pick earlier?

NBA Fans: Umm....nope sure didn't.

Espn: Ditto for us as well.

Hawks Fans: *same song, different year*
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