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Default Re: Kevin Love rumor?

Originally Posted by jailer
Im reading that the t'wolves might be willing to send the griz love for the number two pick. Ofcourse there are other filler players and assets involved. But the two main parts are love and our pick.

Is there any truth in this rumor, how do you guys feel bout these rumors?
I don't think it's true and I'm not really interested. We should hold on to Love. Kevin Love may lack a little defense at times, but he will be a solid option on offense. No need to trade a guy like Love who is still growing and shows promise. He is younger and may be more mature than a lot of the guys in the draft.

Another note, trading love is like going for broke unless we acquire a guy who has played in the NBA before. Trading a big for a big in the draft when you don't even have a legit center is a dumb move. Who would play C? Al? Who would play PF? Craig Smith? I don't get to see the workouts though. I don't know how good Thabeet is and if that was the guy, I would seriously consider it. I would rather trade anybody else on the team, besides Love and Al for that #2 pick and I don't think Memphis would even take me up on that offer either.

The reason I don't like the trade is we can still pick a good big up with our sixth pick. We need help in the front court the most I think. You get lucky and get some good guys in the middle, then it's all up to a couple guys and some nobodies that can knock down 20 foot jumpers. Maybe unrealistic, but kind of true. So I would take our 6th pick and get a solid big or take Curry cuz I think he looks like a huge win or a huge loss. He could be as good as a top 10 player in the league or as bad as a scrub who sits at the end of the bench because he either isn't working on his game or just doesn't get it. That would be cool if Rubio fell in the draft for some dumb reason, but forget the pipe dreams.
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