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Default ISH Mock Draft - #14 Overall -Phoenix Suns

#1-Blake Griffin
#2-Ricky Rubio
#3-James Harden
#4-Brandon Jennings
#5-Hasheem Thabeet
#6-Tyreke Evans
#7-Johnny Flynn
#8-Stephen Curry
#9-Demar DeRozan
#10-Jordan Hill
#11-Earl Clark
#12-Gerald Henderson
#13-Jrue Holiday

With Phoenix aging on the wing I'm taking James Johnson. This could possibly be Grant Hill's last year in the league. Matt Barnes is not a starter in the league and neither are Jared Dudley and Alando Tucker. They'll eventually need a replacement for Steve Nash but do they take a guy like Teague, Maynor, or Lawson here? I'll go for the wing and take Johnson.


James Johnson-4
Ty Lawson-2
Eric Maynor-2
Chase Budinger-2
Jeff Teague-1

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