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Originally Posted by insidehoops
It is possible that Al Jefferson gets good this season, as they hoped he would last year.

And Tony Allen showed flashes a while back before the injury and legal issues

Also, Perkins got in shape. And Gerald Green, well, he can jump and stuff

But, what about Pierce and Wally

Down the stretch of the season Tony was an incredible role player for us. During the last month of the season playing about 26 minutes a game he averaged 12.9ppg/2.5apg/1.9spg while shooting 75% from the floor. Combined with his great defense, he provided more than what was expected from him, especially being that it was after the injury and legal issues as you pointed out.

Green did great too when Wally was out of the lineup with his knee injury at the end of the season.

But I agree that Al definitely has the opportunity to become a good player this year. Not to sound like a complete "kool-aid drinker" as it's known on other Celtics boards, but I think that if Al can become a starter and get at least a good 30mpg we'll be fine. If you just stretch his numbers out to getting that much playing time we'd get a good amount of production from him anyway, and that's without adding in the fact that he's getting in shape and training with Clifford Ray this offseason plus he's fired up now and has said that he feels like he has to prove himself after the disappointment of last season. The two things I always have thought he lacked was getting himself in NBA shape and being motivated, and now it appears that he's got both of those things going for him. Add the 7th pick to the mix (please let it be a true PG) and we'll be out of the lottery in no time.

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