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1.Los Angeles Clippers-PF Blake Griffin

2.Memphis Grizzlies-PG Ricky Rubio
Reason:Rubio's refusal to workout with Memphis presents an interesting question, but the value of using Rubio in a trade presents too much of an opportunity.

3.Oklahoma City Thunder-SG James Harden
Reason:It has been rumored that OKC has promised Harden at #3, but his stock is clearly that of a Top 5 Pick and he fills a need for OKC at SG as well.

4.Sacramento Kings-PG Jrue Holiday
Reason:According to most draft sites, Sacramento is down to Holiday and Flynn in terms of PG's at #4, if they agree to take Flynn they likely would trade down to the 8-10 range to do so but at #4 Holiday will be the pick.

5.Washington Wizards-C Hasheem Thabeet
Reason:Washington seems poised to move 2-3 of their current big men to acquire a player, and at #5 Thabeet would be a great value pick to keep or package in a deal, he can provide any team with a defensive presence in the post along with shotblocking.

6.Minnesota T'Wolves-SG Tyreke Evans
Reason:Minnesota is looking at all options but one option with keen interest from Minnesota is Tyreke Evans, he allows Foye to play off the ball where he excels and gives Minnesota one of the biggest backcourts in the league.

7.Golden State Warriors-PF Jordan Hill
Reason: Don Nelson has supposedly told Hill he would be the pick if he were still available at #7, Hill however may not leave MSG as a Warrior because the Mavericks have high interest in him and Nelson has high interest in his former Mavs players.

8.New York Knicks-PG Stephen Curry
Reason:Curry will work out for the Kings later this week and will cut his workouts from there, he obviously has a safety net in New York and with Hill off the board they will likely pick Curry.

9.Toronto Raptors-SF Demar DeRozan
Reason: DeRozan is a Lottery talent based on potential more than production, and the Raptors have been interested in DeRozan for awhile now.He also helps as a trading chip if Toronto does make a big trade during the Draft.

10.Milwaukee Bucks-PG Brandon Jennings
Reason:Jennings' stock bottomed to being a great value pick of the Draft at #10, Milwaukee is targeting a PG to replace Sessions and Jennings potentially gives them an upgrade.Jennings' play and personality will sell tickets but you have to wonder if Milwaukee is big enough for a guy like Brandon Jennings.

11.New Jersey Nets-SF Terrence Williams
Reason:New Jersey supposedly is narrowing down their choices to Williams and Hansbrough but with the way the Draft has gone they hold a chance of moving back into the 16-19 range to acquire Hansbrough, after taking Williams at #11.

12.Charlotte Bobcats-PF Dejuan Blair
Reason:Charlotte has their choice of guards available, but there is a positive chance they end up signing Iverson this offseason, Charlotte lacks toughness at the 4 and Blair provides a Larry Brown type of strong undersized big man off the bench.

13.Indiana Pacers-PF James Johnson
Reason:The Pacers seem to be targeting Dejuan Blair but with Blair off the board Indiana runs a better chance of grabbing Johnson at #13 while targeting a PG like Jeff Teague either into the mid-late 1st Round or in the early 2nd Round.

14.Phoenix Suns-SF Chase Budinger
Reason:Budinger reportedly had a great workout for the Suns, Budinger can play SG or SF and serves a need if Phoenix does end up moving Jason Richardson this offseason, which seems very likely.PG is a priority, but they may rather sign a veteran back-up and hope Dragic develops.

15.Detroit Pistons-SF Earl Clark
Reason: Detroit seems poised to make a very good draft pick sitting on the outskirts of the Lottery, Clark's stock rose, dropped,and then dropped again but Detroit has recently worked him out and Dumars is not afraid of drafting the BPA.

16.Chicago Bulls-SG Gerald Henderson
Reason:Henderson drops no furthur than Chicago, Chicago has a high interest in Henderson and Henderson feels the same, With Ben Gordon likely going to Detroit or elsewhere they will have a hole at SG that can be helped filled by Gman JR.

17.Philadelphia 76ers-PG Jonny Flynn
Reason:Flynn's stock is high right now and if he slips past Milwaukee there might be a trade worked out before he slips too far, but Philadelphia is heading into the Draft targeting a PG and although debatable Flynn might have the edge over Maynor.

18.Minnesota Timberwolves-PF Tyler Hansbrough
Reason:Minnesota's #18 pick seems the most likely of the 1st Round to be traded, so they will probably be drafting for someone.My guess is that New Jersey offers up Ryan Anderson along with possibly a future protected draft pick to snag Hansbrough at #18.

19.Atlanta Hawks-PG Eric Maynor
Reason:If Atlanta is set on picking a PG at #19 they would probably target Maynor who although played at VCU, is a 4 year college starter who could come in and add production espescially if Bibby leaves in FA or even if he returns.

20.Utah Jazz-C BJ Mullens
Reason:Utah is still in need of size at C and it doesnt hurt to have 2 developing C prospects 20 & under espescially if there is realistically a chance they lose Boozer this offseason or in 2010.Based on potential Mullens & Koufos could develop into an Elite post duo in 3-4 years.

21.New Orleans Hornets-PF Taj Gibson
Reason:Gibson will be of value late in the Draft because there are few big men worthy of being selected in the late 1st/early 2nd round but New Orleans seems interested in adding depth in the front court, and there is a chance Pargo may return next season to help their backcourt.

22.Dallas Mavericks-SF Austin Daye
Reason: Daye has high potential as a player but his stock is dropping, the injury concerns, strength concerns, position concerns are enough to turn a team away but Dallas could find use for Daye in the 3/4 role they expected Shawne Williams to provide when they traded for him.

23.Sacramento Kings-SF Omri Casspi
Reason:Geoff Pietrie typically makes a pick like this, and they have shown interest in Casspi as well.Casspi could find minutes off the bench for Sacramento at the 3 which depthwise is weak for Sacramento currently.

24.Portland Trailblazers-PG Ty Lawson
Reason:Lawson may never play a game as a Blazer but Portland is going into this Draft looking to add depth, with 2 top 10 picks in the 2nd Round they wont have to reach for a big man this early. Lawson is the BPA and adds depth to the position but could also be packaged in a trade later this summer.

25.Oklahoma City Thunder-SF Victor Claver
Reason:Sam Presti learned during his years in SA how to utilize having overseas prospects, and after Rubio, Claver is the 2nd best overseas prospect in the Draft.Claver's stock fell only due to a knee injury, but he is a Lottery pick talent that could spend another season or 2 in Europe to develop more.

26.Chicago Bulls-SG Wayne Ellington
Reason:Chicago once again makes a good pick in Ellington to go along with Henderson at #16, Ellington fills the role of a spot up shooter off the bench that the Bulls could use giving them more perimeter scoring espescially if Hinrich is traded this offseason.

27.Memphis Grizzlies-SF Sam Young
Reason:Young immediately fills a need in terms of depth at the 3, and his size, strength, and athletic ability leads me to believe he could become a very good defender in the NBA.

28.Minnesota T'Wolves-PG Jeff Teague
Reason:Every year there is a highly ranked underclassman who slips after poor workouts and potentially it will be Jeff Teague in 2009, he possibly has a gurantee with Indiana for them to acquire him or another team in desperate need of a backup PG grabs him before he slips too far.

29.Los Angeles Lakers-PF Jeff Pendergraph
Reason:LA has the ability to reach to fill a position need in the NBA Draft, LA could potentially be unable to keep Powell this offseason and Pendergraph has the size to replace Powell off the bench as well as play limited minutes at C if needed.

30.Cleveland Cavaliers-SG Dionte Christmas
Reason:Without a worthy frontcourt asset currently available I would expect them to add to their backcourt by going for Christmas at #30, Christmas has ideal size at SG and from the looks of his game could be a Michael Redd-like player for Cleveland.

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