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Default Re: ISH Mock Draft - #5 Overall - Washington Wizards

I don't really feel that the wizards should take thabeet

To the person who said Haywood is injury prone, last season he just had bad luck, especially when his game has developed so much over the last few years.

I feel Haywood is a solid to above average center when healthy, and Etan Thomas can back him up well ( but one of those two will probably be shipped)

So it doesn't make sense to get ANOTHER big man when McGee is still developing, and blatche is in the rotation, so if it's thabeet like someone said it will be a trade,

THE wizards NEED a strong PG or SG to compliment this team
I've been hearing some STAT and Ginoboli rumors, I would love to get Ginobli ...

Either way I think the wizards will try to draft Curry at this spot (since Rubio was rumored to not want to play for the Wiz) or use this spot to trade for an established SG preferably Manu
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