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Default Re: These cheap players can make a big impact for the team

There's a simple solution to this problem:

Pick up Drew Gooden in FA. He is what Sean Williams should have been. He'll bang the boards, play Defense, and bring energy. A good asset coming off the bench.

I say hold on to Najera, but ship off Williams, Boone, Ager, and Simmons. Get a good player in the draft like an Earl Clark or James Johnson. Then go and grab a 3rd PG like a dude who will just be happy as a 3rd stringer and glad to be apart of a team. Someone like Eddie Gill. Or if Jason Williams gets re instated back into the NBA pick up a dude like that.

Also get another Banger like Brandon Bass to add with Drew Gooden, since your shipping off two PF/C in Williams and Boone. Clark or Johson fills the SF void and u got ur 3rd pg. Those are very small moves that mgmt can do that will improve the team without spending too much.

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