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Default NBA Draft Green Room: Who to invite?

So I looked at past NBA drafts and every year about 15 players are invited to the NBA "Green Room". Sometimes 16, sometimes 14, but always around 15. Two questions...

1. What 15 players do you think should be invited to the green room?
2. Of those 15, which one is the "Maciej Lampe" of 2009? (invited, but are left waiting until late in the 1st round and sit there smiling while feeling like a dumbass)

1. Blake Griffin
2. Ricky Rubio
3. Hasheem Thabeet
4. James Harden
5. Stephen Curry
6. Tyreke Evans
7. Brandon Jennings
8. Jrue Holiday
9. Jordan Hill
10. Gerald Henderson
11. James Johnson
12. Earl Clark
13. Demar Derozan
14. DeJuan Blair
15. Jonny Flynn

left off: Tyler Hansbrough, Ty Lawson, BJ Mullens, Eric Maynor, Jeff Teague, Austin Daye, Terrence Williams

The 2009 "Maciej Lampe": DeJuan Blair. Could fall because of concerns of his knees and weight, the same reason Darrell Arthur fell because of concerns of his kidney.

Other examples of "Maciej Lampe" include:
Jameer Nelson waited until pick #20
Pavel Podkolzine waited until pick #21
Sergei Monia waited until pick #23
Brian Cook waited until pick #24
Darrell Arthur waited until pick #27
Maciej Lampe waited until pick #30
DeAndre Jordan waited until pick #35
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