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Default Interesting Trade Idea

Got this from the Bobcats Baseline blog and just reworked it a bit.. The Cats don't have a guy that is a 20+ point scorer. Wallace, Okafor and Diaw are they key components and none average 20 a game. Wallace and Okafor are both known more for their defense.

The proposal?

The Warriors send Monta Ellis, Kelenna Azubuike and Brandan Wright to the Cats for Raymond Felton, Boris Diaw and the 12th pick of the draft. Felton would have to be a sign-and-trade and because of that, this trade couldn't happen until after the draft is done (July 1st is when free agents can sign). So the Cats would be drafting for the Warriors next week. If they can grab a guy like Jonny Flynn with their 7th and Dejuan Blair with the 12th, this team could be on its way. This gives the Cats a legitimate 20 point scorer in Ellis and a 16-17 ppg in Crawford. Ellis, Bell, Wallace, Wright and Okafor could make a nice line up.

Another move..

And this is a straight salary dump, nothing more. Send Maggette and Crawford to the Cavaliers for Ben Wallace and Aleksander Pavlovic. Thats $15M off the books for the Warriors next Summer. Its obvious the Cavs need scoring help. Williams, Crawford, James, Varejao and Iggy with Maggette off the bench should remedy that.

The Line up:

PG Felton - Flynn
SG Jackson - Belinelli - Morrow
SF Diaw - Pavlovic
PF Randolph - Blair
C Biedrins - Turiaf - Wallace
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