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Default Re: My Complete Draft Breakdown

You're right Posterize. I have always had Nivins a CF because I always thought he could guard smaller players, but at this point he is a PF and that is what he would be in the NBA.

I should clarify. These lists are kind of a mix of my personal feelings and where I think guys will be drafted. DeRozan is in my top 4. He might not go ahead of Evans or Harden, but I think he will be a better player. And it doesn't matter how good someone is right now. Okafor was better than Howard during their draft.

I'm not that high on Budinger, but 19 is right about where everyone else probably has him. In this draft I might actually take him late in the lottery because you know what you are going to get. There really isn't much risk or reward with him, just a good athlete who plays solid, but soft.
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