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Default Re: O.J. Mayo: The next great one?

Originally Posted by Interminator

Johnson averaged 21.4 PPG 5.8 APG 4.4 RPG 2.4 Turnovers
Mayo averaged 18.5 PPG 3.2 APG 3.8 RPG 2.7 Turnovers

What is bolded is very very important, Johnson not only scored more points but got others involved more efficiently than Mayo did this past season.

And it also has to due with popularity, Johnson is arguably one of the 20 best players in the NBA, however he plays for a nothing team in a nothing basketball market.
Yes but did you look at all the shooting numbers? Mayo beats him at everything. Mayo's overal fg% is slightly better, he shot 2 1/2% better at three, he shot 5% better from the free throw line. And mayo did it in two less minutes per game.

Mayo's stats in his first year are comparable to johnson's. Mayo scored two points less and two less assists. But mayo was a more efficent scorer and played in all his games( only three more than johnson)
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