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Default Re: Kevin Love rumor?

Originally Posted by 04mzwach
That is interesting. I guess Memphis does need a good PF. Who do the Timberwolves want with the 2nd pick? Thabeet or Rubio? I think I would go with Rubio and then go for a big man with the 6th, then pick up Curry later on if available. It would be a pretty sweet move if everything fell into place the right way. Hopefully, we don't have to give any picks up. Then again, Thabeet would be good in a couple years. Hmm. What would you guys do?

Yeah what im hearing now. Is that the griz want two of top six picks. So the t'wolves are tying to get the fifth pick form the wizards.

But apparently the t'wolves are enamored with both rubio and thabeet.
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