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Default Re: Interesting Trade Idea

Here is a counter to those arguments:

1 - There is no indication that he has a chemistry problem. His teammates seem to like him and he was on two good Warrior teams that won 50 games. He was hurt last season and the team was horrible. Is there actual evidence of him pouting outside of last season about anything?

2. - Lying about something that could have cost him $67 million doesn't mean he has a bad attitude, it means he was using the instinct of self preservation. He's a young guy and he's not the first nor the last professional athlete to get hurt while participating in a sport outside the one he plays. If that means he has a horrible attitude, than I don't know how Steelers can survive with Ben Rothlisberg and his horrible attitude. As for selecting one quote out of context, not sure what that shows. He played whatever position they asked him to play.

3. How have you figured out he lacks a brain? How cerebral is Derrick Rose, a guy who couldn't score 700 on his SAT and who can barely formulate a sentence?

4. That could be the case. Might be too early to tell though. Has he had one full healthy season where he was asked to play the point? And there are plenty of players his size who have played on good teams while running at the 2 spot, Iverson, Ben Gordon, etc. He's bigger than both of those guys.

5. He's not a good defender, but many young players are porous defenders. Is he alone on the Warriors in being a poor defender? How good of a defender is Steve Nash? His peers feel he's the worst defensive PG in the NBA, and he has 2 MVPs on his record.

You could go on an on, but someone can counter that you have a young guy who is already a 20 point a game scorer while shooting a ridiculously high percentage in spite of being a perimeter player. Someone who has outstanding athletic ability and a very high ceiling and could be a perennial all-star. Someone who looks a lot like Gilbert Arenas did before the Warriors let him walk for nothing.
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